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Precision Tool Tech Sdn Bhd had an humble beginning at the year of 1988. Over the years We have advanced as one of the leading tool and die makers and also engineering service company in the Southeast Asia region. Precision Tool Tech Sendirian Berhad ( formerly known as Precision Tool Tech Enterprise) started by providing machining services, specializing in mold, trim and form spare parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries. Since 1998, PTT has upgraded its range of products and services as well as its technical, in order to meet customer demands.
Ever since then we have been constantly monitored by the respective auditor of ISO to maintain our standard of operating this business. We have already diversified into more sophisticated environment and business scope as we are prepared to move with the globalization and provide our service also to other industries pertaining to engineering such aerospace , medical , automotive and telecommunications.
We are committed to provide quality services and prompt delivery to our customers. As we stroll through the new decade with society emphasizing more on high technology and also high safety standards we are ever ready to follow the current flow of thoughts. We have a highly dedicated and skilled staff who are willing to accomplish any given task in any stipulated time required by our customers.
Hence the scope of this commitment is reflected in every aspects of our operation and daily management. We do have are a very particular set of skills; skills which we have acquired over a very long career in this semiconductor industries. We are blessed to have a very good base of customer support in making us as one of the leading tool and die maker and also engineering service company as what we are today.
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Our Values & Goals

To design and develop auto molds as well as automated projects to meet the latest trend and technology
in the field
This is an ever growing field and we will work towards the upgrading technology so that we are always up to date accordingly
Customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of this company. Therefore, we attach great importance to provide the highest quality products and customer service.

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