Our Quality

Our Quality

Precision Tool Tech Sendirian Berhad is committed to the pursuit of Excellence in Quality and constantly improves its  facilities and equipment to ensure optimal quality. In pursuit of the ultimate in quality, ISO 9001 Quality System is implemented in the Quality Assurance Department to ensure that all manufacturing procedures and processes are religiously followed.

Our Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives of this Company. We therefore attach great importance to providing the highest quality products.

The standard of quality is set by our Customers, the judgment of our Customers on our products is decisive.

Our Customers judge not only the quality of our product but also the quality of our Customer Service, therefore. enquiries, quotations, request for samples and complaints have to be dealt with thoroughly and efficiently as well as ensuring that the delivery of our products comes within customers stated time scales“.

“Each employee is responsible for ensuring that the Company quality objectives are achieved within their own areas.”

“The quality of our product is also dependent upon the quality of our raw materials. We must, therefore, insist upon the highest quality from all our suppliers and enlist their support in achieving our quality objective”.

Achieving our quality objectives is also an important executive function.